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 hubs track double thread allen key lock .- Trabocchi mechanizes these hubs components from round bars of 71 millimeters of 6061 aluminum profile, the hub housings undergo four different machining processes before it is finished. As a result, a polished double polished machining, subjected to a bright black anodizing process, with a fifth machining on each side of the polished gloss housing.with 6000ZZ sealed and armored roller bearings, providing lightness and smoothness when turning Openwork shafts at each end 30mm deep, 6 step bolt1 (thread) X25mm long, 5mm Allen head. Front: flange diameter 70 mm opening between tips 100mm. Rear flange diameter 70 mm, opening between sheaths 120mm, Thread of 35mm X 24 TPI for freewheels  For fixed, thread is 1.375 inch X 24 TPI chain line. Lock thread left ISO 33mm (1.299” pulgadas) x 28 tpi. .Also available threaded free pinion of 14 or 15 teeth 30mm X 26 TPI

                                                 Bearings to roller : Bearings 6000ZZ

The groove ball bearings are mostusual and especially versatile. They have low friction and are optimized for low noise level and low vibration,which allows high turning speed.Also they endure radial and axial loads both ways, are easy to assemble and need less maintenance than amy other bearing types.



Technical specifications


Adjustment material

Aluminium 6061 treated anodized (Finished)

Adjusting bolt

Staninless Stell - thread diameter 6 mm

Housing material

Aluminium 6061 Treated Anodized (Finished)

Shaft Material

Siemens Steel 1045 (Coatring on Side)

Bearing coverage material

Aluminium 6061 bright polished

knurled lockring nut material

Stainless Stell (AISI 304)

Lockring Material

Stainless Stell (AISI 304)

Limit total cyclist weight

120 kilograms ( 264,60 libras)

Front hubs weignt

210 grams (0,460 libras )

Rear hubs fixed – fixed weight

290 grams (0,630 libras )

Rear hubs fixed - free gear weight

280 grams (0,617 libras)

Rear hubs weight free gear – free gear 15

(thread free gear cog 15 ring gear)

270 grams (0,595 libras)